Earth Auger Post Pole Borer 82 CC 3 Drills Bits 100 200 300 4″ 8″ 12″ Ultrasharp with Extensions Professional

  • Brand: Horti Power
  • Manufacturer: Horti Power


  • Powerful 82cc Engine
  • Dual weighted crank, double ringed piston Industry-Standard 20mm Auger Mount
  • 3 x Auger Included (100mm 200mm 300mm), all of them with 1.0 metre full length 1x extension 600mm
  • it perfect balance of Power vs Weight and fuel consumption, effortlessly delivering as much or more power than any other models.
  • Using this unique combination along with a full size commercial right-angle drive, large capacity fuel tank and high tensile gear set, durability and reliability are second to none.

Manufacturer Info

  • PartNumber: TMD82

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