MAXWXKING New Micro Tillage Tillage Machine, Mini Rotary Machine, Rotary Tiller, self propelled Small Agricultural Multifunctional

  • Brand: MAXWXKING
  • Manufacturer: MAXWXKING


  • Equipped with power of Weimar 170F-2 gasoline engine, the whole machine adopts belt tensioning transmission mode. The belt guard is connected reasonably and securely, with simple disassembly, lower unit fuel consumption, stronger power output and more fuel cost.
  • The clutch handle is designed as a lock-type double clutch, which is more labor-saving; the fender is designed to be detachable and flexible, and it is more adaptable to different customers’ needs.
  • The machine is compact in structure, simple and flexible in operation, and equipped with different tillage tools. It is especially suitable for different farming operations such as paddy fields, mountains and hills. With special equipment, it can be used for pumping, irrigation, spraying, threshing, etc.

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